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Best US Visitors Insurance Plans Covering Pre-Existing Conditions

Last Updated On: January 14, 2020

Marketwatch estimates the global travel insurance market to cross the $35 billion market by 2025, driven by the rise in tourism worldwide. Increased tourism, however, is not the only reason for the growing travel insurance market. A lot has to also do with the rising awareness among people for the need for protection while in a foreign land. This is especially true for those who have pre-existing medical conditions. One small health issue could ruin the best-paid plans.

Best US Travel Insurance Plans that Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

However, not all travel insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions. So, if you’re making plans to visit the US for your next vacation, here are some travel insurance plans that covers pre-existing conditions.

CoverAmerica – Gold

Cover America – Gold is an “A” rated visitor insurance plan. It provides 100% medical insurance coverage and emergency services, after deductibles, to non-US residents travelling to the USA. The deductible is a one-time payment in the policy period and the plan is valid for 364 days. It provides coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions of up to $125,000 for people under 70 and up to $30,000 for those aged 70-79.

The plan also provides coverage of 80% for the first $5,000 and 100% thereafter outside the United Health Care PPO network.

Liaison Travel Choice

This is a great option for a comprehensive travel insurance plan for people under 70 traveling to USA. It provides coverage of up to $30,000 for the acute onset of a pre-existing condition. After deductibles, the plan pays 90% up to the policy maximum. Outside the USA (Network), the plan pays the same as Cover America – Gold. In addition, the Liaison Travel Choice plan can be renewed and cancelled, according to your needs.

Patriot America Plus

This is a comprehensive plan ideal for visitors to the US, offered by International Medical Group (IMG). This plan is renewable and cancellable. It offers coverage of up to $500,000 against eligible medical expenses up to the policy maximum. It is meant for people with below 70, with pre-existing medical conditions.

Choice America

This is a low-cost plan that pays a fixed amount per incident. It has limited pre-existing condition coverage, with renewable and cancellable features. Choice America provides urgent care for sports and amusement park injuries and coverage for loss of passport and essential travel documents. You can visit any doctor or clinic of your choice, which is why it is “A” rated.

Inbound USA

This is another limited plan with low cost, limited benefits. It offers fixed and limited coverage of up to $130,000 for acute onset of pre-existing conditions to non-US citizens under the age of 70. The plan pays a fixed amount per incident, up to the policy maximum. Inbound USA is administered by Seven Corners.

Note: All coverage under these plans are up to the policy maximum. Any expenses beyond the policy maximum are to be borne by the insured.

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