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Best Travel Insurance Plans for Pre-existing Conditions

An article about senior travelers, published in The Times of India in March 2016, said that the senior citizen segment in the travel and tourism industry has grown by 15%.

It also said that there will be 7.3 million outbound senior travellers from India by 2030.” With the travel bug catching up with the elderly, chances are your parents are going to get one soon!

Old age is a rather conflicting phase in life. One has more time than ever to do whatever they wish to but not the healthiest body for all these adventures. However, that should not stop anyone from seeing the world and enjoying their post-retirement life.

With a few precautions and travel insurance, you can ensure your parents’ well-being while they are traveling. Find out which are the best policies to cover your parents with their pre-existing diseases.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

Best Travel Insurance for pre-existing conditions

Visitor Coverage

Visitors Coverage is an insurance company that specializes in travel insurance for people traveling to the United States. It has a special ChoiceAmerica Insurance policy that provides coverage for a limited number of pre-existing medical conditions, along with other basic benefits, such as coverage for loss of passport, allowances for emergency purchases in case of delay or loss of checked-in baggage and many others.

Reliance Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

This policy is available for people between the ages of 61 and 80, and provides cashless hospitalization anywhere in the world. It also covers pre-existing medical conditions, especially life threatening ailments for people below 71 years of age. Besides providing benefits for travel contingencies, such as loss or delay of luggage, delay or cancellation of flight, etc., this policy also gives a free International SIM card with every quote.

Religare Travel Insurance Policy

This policy insures you against medical emergencies, providing for both inpatient and outpatient treatment abroad, including pre-existing diseases. It also gives the policy holder daily allowance for travel, food and communication expenses during their stay in the hospital. Moreover, you can claim benefits for expenses during emergency evacuation or transportation to a medical facility that is associated with the insurance company. Compassionate visit expenses for a family member of the insured are provided under the policy.

Chola MS Travel Insurance

This policy can be bought without prior health checkup. It provides for cashless hospitalisation overseas, even if this occurs due to a pre-existing condition. In the unfortunate event of the policy holder’s death, the policy compensates for repatriating of the remains to India. If the insured faces a flight delay of more than 12 hours, the policy compensates for it. Claims can also be made for travel contingencies, such as loss of baggage, lost passport, theft or robbery, and even hijack distress.

Only a few travel insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions but the ones that do, mostly cover for serious illnesses. Therefore, quotes for these policies are considerably higher. But if you think about it, being hospitalized for any serious disease can end up costing you a fortune overseas. This is why it is wiser to be insured for all contingencies before travelling overseas.

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