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Schengen Visa Types

The Schengen Area, with its 26 member countries, functions as a single state for international travel by having a common visa policy. The countries in the area have abolished internal borders amongst themselves and strengthened the external borders with non-Schengen countries. I realized this can make things a little confusing for [...]

Travel Insurance

What is CSA Travel Insurance?

Since 1991, CSA travel insurance has been offering travel protection plans to residents of the US. Due to its good covers and excellent customer service record, the company today enjoys a great reputation in America. CSA’s insurance plans are limited, but offering adequate coverage, which in a sense has always made it easy for the buyer [...]

Travel Insurance

10 Best Health Insurance for US Visitors & Foreigners

Visiting Parents

Checklist for Parents Visiting United States from India

US Travel Tips

India to USA Travel Checklist – Items to Carry & Things To Do