Visiting USA

How to Visit USA

Did you know that there were about 1.15 million visitors just from India to the US in 2018 alone? And, this number is expected to rise to 1.41 in 2022, say the figures published on Statista. People visiting America for business or leisure account for most of these visitors. Then there are those who visit the US for medical or research [...]

Visiting USA

How to Plan a Trip to USA

Have you been waiting for your dream vacation to the USA? There may be hundreds of places to visit in America on your bucket list. However, don’t forget to plan your big vacation carefully, so that you can enjoy every moment and make the most of your time there. Here’s how you can effectively plan your trip to the United States. Getting [...]

Visiting USA

US Visa Renewal Process from India

Do you frequently need to visit the US for business or conferences? Has your visa expired recently? Although visa renewal might seem like a daunting task, it can be renewed easily by following some simple steps. Moreover, if you qualify for the Interview Waiver Program, you don’t even need to go for the visa interview. Eligibility for US [...]

Visiting USA

Top L2 Visa Interview Questions

Applied for by the dependents of a qualified L-1 visa holder, an L-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows the spouse and unmarried children below the age of 21 years of an L-1 visa holder to enter the United States. The L-2 visa remains valid till the L-1 visa remain valid. It is always advisable to apply for an L-2 visa at the time [...]

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10 Best Health Insurance for US Visitors & Foreigners

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Checklist for Parents Visiting United States from India

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India to USA Travel Checklist – Items to Carry & Things To Do