How to Set Up a Courthouse Wedding

In this article, we’ll talk about how to set up a courthouse wedding.

A typical wedding is costly and demanding to plan. A modest, private wedding might be alluring in a COVID-19 world. A civil wedding has several benefits. But a courthouse wedding is even easier to arrange and execute!

A lot of people prefer a courthouse wedding because, a courthouse wedding is inexpensive, simple, and customizable. You can create the ceremony you want without too many rules.

Let’s see how to plan a courthouse wedding.

Courthouse Wedding – What is it

A courthouse wedding is sometimes called a civil wedding. Unreligious, it allows you to legally marry your lover. Less focus on the event’s pomp and spectacle. The spotlight is on the pair marrying.

A courthouse wedding usually has less than ten people. A courthouse wedding may be completed in just 10 minutes.

It also doesn’t necessitate any of the wedding rituals. No speech, no vows, no ring exchange. You can conduct any of these rituals you wish, but they are not required by law. A courtroom wedding may be tailored to your specific circumstances.

Courthouse marriages are officiated by a judge or court clerk. The Justice of Peace may speak briefly about you or something else. Your spouse and two witnesses must then sign the marriage license. Then you’re married!

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How much is it to get married at the courthouse?

The courthouse wedding fee ranges from $25 to $100. Call the courthouse for precise costs.

Pay for the marriage licence. There may be an extra charge for the civil ceremony.

What happens after a Courthouse Wedding

A courtroom wedding is simple and quick! Most folks organise an after-ceremony activity.

You may commemorate your wedding in many ways. You can have a restaurant celebration, go on your honeymoon right away, or get a hotel room for the night (even if it’s in the same city). Pick something exciting for both of you to do on your wedding day.

Planning a Courthouse Wedding

A courthouse wedding is less expensive and easier. But you must plan ahead of time. This will ensure a smooth day for you.

Pick a Location

A marriage licence is generally obtained from a local authority. But a courthouse wedding isn’t required.

There’s no shortage of wedding venues in Las Vegas, from city hall to chapel. It’s also possible to hire a Justice of the Peace to execute your courthouse wedding in your own garden.

This is one of the benefits of a civil ceremony. It’s a nonreligious event, so you have many of options.

However, certain state-to-state marriage regulations differ. Some states, for example, require you to apply for your marriage licence in the town where you want to wed.

After choosing a place, research local laws. Your local municipal clerk should have this information. Check if you need to arrange an appointment for your courthouse wedding. You might also verify if the courthouse can furnish witnesses or if you must produce your own.

Get a Marriage License

After deciding on a site and researching local laws, you must get a marriage licence. You normally apply for a marriage licence at city hall or a municipality.

When applying for a marriage licence, you must have a valid government-issued photo ID. Your driver’s licence, naturalisation document, or passport are examples.

Divorced? Bring a copy of the final dissolution (divorce papers) with you when you apply for your marriage licence.

You need money to buy a marriage licence. Prices vary by region. Ask your municipal clerk about the marriage licence cost.

Most marriage licences are time-limited. This implies you must plan your wedding before the marriage licence expires. Some expire in 30 days, while others last 90 days.

Some states require a waiting period between receiving a marriage licence and actually marrying. Waiting times range from 24 hours to 6 days.

Consider the waiting time and expiry dates while planning your wedding.

License vs. Certificate

A marriage licence is not a marriage certificate. You and your spouse must apply for a marriage licence before the ceremony. You, your partner, and your witnesses sign the licence after the ceremony. Your officiant returns your licence to the city clerk. Then comes the marriage licence.

A marriage certificate provides proof of your union. Your local city clerk’s office, for example.

A marriage certificate is required to apply for a marriage-based visa or green card.

Gather Important Documents

Bring a package of all important paperwork to your courtroom wedding. Comprises:

  • Licence of Mariage
  • IDs for you and your companion
  • Birth certificates for both of you
  • Your SSN
  • You must also take the money for the wedding ceremony.

Remember to have two witnesses above the age of 18 – one for each of you. These persons must accompany you to court.

Wedding Day Planning

A courthouse wedding doesn’t have a typical ceremony, but you may still make it unique!

  • Wear whatever you want! You can be professional or informal.
  • Vows – The ceremony might be formal or casual. Remember to repeat your vows, exchange rings, and kiss the bride!
  • Guests — You will need at least two witnesses, but verify with your venue. These rituals normally take place throughout the week. Ensure your guests (and witnesses!) are available.
  • Check with the courthouse about taking photographs or film during the ceremony.
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