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How to Fill the DS-160 Form

Did you know that about 1.17 million tourists visited the US from India in 2016 alone? This figure is expected to cross the 1.41 million mark by 2022, according to Statista. If you are planning to be a part of this number, the first step is to get a tourist visa.  To get a tourist visa for the United States, you will need to fill an [...]

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How to Renew US Visit Visa

A country of immense natural and cultural diversity, from the beautiful Yosemite national park to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon and the skyscrapers of New York City, the United States is one of the most popular countries for visitors from all across the globe. The country attracted almost 77 million visitors in 2018, making it [...]

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Best Places to Visit in USA for Fun

The United States is such a large and diverse country that it would take you years to fully explore the country. But there are some destinations that offer a lot of fun and excitement that can be visited on a short trip too. Here’s a look at 15 places that you must visit in the US, if you are looking for a fun and memorable vacation. [...]

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B2 Visa: Duration between Visits

The B categories of visas are issued by the US government to foreign citizens who wish to enter the country for a temporary stay of up to 6 months. B-1 visas are issued to those who seek entry for business purposes, while B-2 visas are issued for casual visits or medical treatment purposes. However, in practice, the two categories are [...]

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Best Vacation Destinations in USA

The continent of North America consists of 23 countries, each of which has something different to offer the travel enthusiast. There is such a range of natural beauty on this continent, from vast deserts to majestic waterfalls, shadowy caves to rocky canyons and mountain ranges to beaches. And, there are hundreds of national parks that [...]


Travel Insurance: A Guide

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Best Travel Insurance for COVID 19

Travel Insurance

10 Best Health Insurance for Visitors to USA

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Checklist for Parents Visiting USA

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USA Travel Checklist – Items to Carry & Things To Do