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How to Get Mexican Tourist Visa

According to data released by the Mexico Tourism Board, 10.6 million international tourists visited the country in the first quarter of 2018 alone. This represents a 12.6% increase from the 9.4 million people who visited Mexico during the same time in 2017. What this goes to show is the rising popularity of Mexico as a global [...]

US Travel Tips

Indian Passport Renewal Process

With Indians increasingly looking to the world for work and pleasure, having a passport has become indispensable. And, while a passport is a prerequisite to travelling abroad, it doesn’t guarantee entry into a foreign country. For this, you need the passport stamped with a visa to the country you wish to visit. Other than travelling [...]

US Travel Tips

Schengen Visa for H1B Holders

Under the US Immigration and Nationality Act, the H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign nationals to temporarily work in America-based companies for a specific duration. This visa is particularly popular among Indian technology and investment banking professionals. Each year, thousands of applications are filed by H1B visa [...]

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10 Best Health Insurance for US Visitors

Visiting Parents

Checklist for Parents Visiting United States from India

US Travel Tips

USA Travel Checklist – Items to Carry & Things To Do