What is the Difference between a 36-Page and 60-Page Indian Passport?

First, let me start by saying, there is no wrong choice here. It’s like deciding between masala dosa and idli sambar for breakfast, each has its own flavor!

So what’s cooking? Let’s get down to the crux of the matter: the never-ending saga of the 36-page versus 60-page Indian passport.

The 36-Page Passport: The Modest Masala Dosa

This one’s your regular, garden-variety passport – neat, simple, yet it gets the job done. It’s the masala dosa of passports – loved by all and perfect for those who take yearly trips to rediscover their inner self in the quiet foothills of the Himalayas or explore the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower.

But remember, if you’re a globetrotter on a mission, who loves collecting visa stamps like my aunt collects Tupperware, you might run out of space pretty soon!

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The 60-Page Passport: The Irresistible Idli Sambar

Enter the 60-page passport – the idli sambar of the travel world. More room, more comfort, and a whole lot of space to accommodate your adventures. If you find yourself often in the international departure lounge, this one’s for you.

The 60-pager can handle a lot more stamps and stickers than its humble 36-page cousin. It’s the quintessential choice for those who hop from one country to another like a desi foodie hopping between food stalls at a street fair.

The Grand Question: 36 or 60?

“Okay, Mani,” you say, “but how do I choose between masala dosa and idli sambar?” Good question!

If you’re a casual traveler, a 36-pager will serve you well.

But if you’re the “been there, done that, where’s next?” type, go for the 60-pager.

And remember, whether you’re an idli sambar enthusiast or a masala dosa aficionado, in the end, all roads lead to the same place – delicious satisfaction.

Just like our beloved South Indian breakfasts, there’s no wrong choice here.

Pick the one that suits your travel palate, and you’re good to go!

Till next time, safe travels.

Fly high, friends!

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