Inbound USA Travel Insurance Review: Is it worth buying?

Updated: This plan is discontinued.

Confused over whether or not Inbound USA is a good travel insurance plan for you? This article will help you figure out. Read on…

Inbound USA is a limited coverage plan that covers non-US citizens visiting the US on short stays.

What that means is that it is a basic plan and will not have the benefits of some of the other “full-fledged plans” available (comprehensive coverage plans). It cannot be used for US citizens (like green card holders traveling in and out of the USA. It can be used as basic medical coverage for short stays to the US.

Also, since this is a limited coverage plan, it will only pay up to a limited amount for each treatment (Unlike comprehensive coverage plans). i.e, Let’s say for each treatment, the plan will cover up to a particular amount (chosen when you buy the product) and beyond which, you have to pay the money out of pocket.

What’s good about Inbound USA plan?

Well, the good thing is that it is underwritten by an A+ graded carrier – Lloyd’s of London. Also, since it’s a limited coverage plan, it would come cheap if you’re taking it for the short term.

You could but it anywhere from 5 to 364 days, which is perfect for visiting parents as visit time permitted in visitors visa is usually for six months.

You can also review or cancel it during the time period (conditions apply – please check details with the provider).

Since there is no PPO network, you can visit any Doctor, with this plan. This is very useful, as you can go to the nearest doctor and get treatment without any waiting.

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What are the limitations with Inbound USA insurance plan?

Inbound USA comes with a set of limitations, so it is important for a buyer to know what they are. Let me explain.

For one, Inbound USA insurance is a basic travel medical insurance plan that has a fixed pre-defined limit for each medical service. What that means is that for any medical treatment you take, the plan will cover up to a certain amount. If the bill is beyond that amount, you will have to take care of the expenses.

To give you an example…

If the policy is taken for (Age 70 or over) ($50,000 policy), then per person, per incident cost for out-patient treatment will be as follows.

  • Dr. / Physician Visit Up to $55/visit, 1/day, 10 visits max
  • Surgical Treatment $2,750 max
  • Prescription Drugs / Medicines Up to $200 Per Coverage Period
  • Lab & X-rays Up to $400 – Additional $250 – One CAT scan, PET scan or MRI
  • Physical Therapy Up to $40/visit, 1/day, 12 visits max

For in-patient treatment (Age 70 or over) ($50,000 policy)..

  • Hospital Room Up to $1,050/day, 30-day max
  • Surgical Treatment $2,750 per Incident
  • Hospital Intensive Care Unit $460 per day

For emergency services…

  • Ambulance – $450 per Incident
  • Emergency Room(ER) Up to $250

Disclaimer: Please check the accurate rates from the provider. These are rates mentioned at the time of publishing this article and it might have changed.

So, there you go. It should give you an idea of whether Inbound USA is a good fit for your scenario or not.

Is Inbound USA a good travel insurance plan?

I personally, think it is a good plan for those visiting USA for a short term and need a cheap travel insurance plan. People with no pre-existing conditions and no history of illnesses might want to get it.

Here are some of the best alternatives to Inbound USA plan.

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