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International Travel After Vaccination in 2021

Good news for all those who have been waiting impatiently to travel. Perhaps 2021 is your time.

Vaccinations are underway in USA, India and other countries as we speak. And people are asking the same question.

“Will international travel be possible, and if yes, when?”

While there is no clarity on whether international travel will be open in 2021, there are hints and signs that international air travel will open soon.

It all depends. Whether vaccinations can get us all covered. Whether most of the population can get vaccinations.

There are some minor concerns as new strains of the virus have been detected in the UK, India and other countries.

Question is, whether the vaccines will be effective for the new strain or not.

If all goes well, international travel should be open between countries by mid of 2021.

Domestic travel is also seeing a lot of activity and interest meanwhile.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

Will travel be the same post vaccinations?

No. Travel will probably remain the same way we experienced during 2020. All the protocols, safety distancing, and procedures would most likely be in place, at least for a while.

Here’s hoping that international travel, visas and other travel options open up in 2021!

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