B1 B2 Visit Visa

List of Countries You Can Visit with US Visa

There are two types of non-immigrant visas that you can choose from if you are travelling to the United States for leisure, business or medical treatment – the B-1 and B-2 visas. While the B-1 visa deals with business travel, B-2 is meant for tourists and patients travelling to America for medical treatments. You can read more about the process of acquiring a B2 visa here.

B2 is the easiest form of visa that gives you the freedom to travel anywhere within America, but did you know that there are several countries that allows you to enter with a valid B-2 US visa? You don’t need to get a separate visa to enter these countries if you have a valid B2 visa.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

Countries that Allows You to Enter with a B-2 Visa

Of these countries, neighboring Canada and Mexico allow entry for a duration of 30 days and to return to the US. However, you need to be very careful about not just returning to the US before your visa expires, but to get on a plane back to your home country too before the expiration date.

You can also visit distant nations like the UK (you’ll need to apply for a UK visit visa, but it might come in easier if you are in good standing use of the US visit visa) and Costa Rica on your B2 visa, although re-entry into America might not be as easy as when you came in the first time on your visa.

There are more than 30 countries and territories that can be visited by with a B-2 visa, a list that I had shared earlier. The other nations consider B-1 and B-2 visas valid given that applicants for US visas are checked rigorously.

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