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Singapore’s Changi Airport to Become Contactless!

Wow! Travel has truly changed post COVID.

The latest news is that Singapore’s Changi Airport, which apparently has won awards for the best airport in the world is going contactless.

What that means is that travellers can now check-in and travel all by themselves not being touched by another human, during the entire journey, at least, at the airport.

This is wonderful news.

Acrylic screens/separators have been installed between passengers and airport officials at the airport already. These screens are also being installed at immigration, customs, GST refund, and information booths.

This will prevent the spread, by a significant amount.

I think more and more airports are going to follow suite and become contactless airports from now on.

Imagine checking in to an airport all by yourself, sending luggage automatically, boarding and exiting the airport without being touched or contact all through?

Travel has always been stressful for the most part. And the COVID situation has made it even more dangerous.

But efforts like these are examples of how the human race is evolving, finding new ways to protect and get things done with our intelligence.

Here’s wishing that more and more airports adopt such methods to curb pandemics like COVID.


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