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What is Refusal Under 214(B)

Unless you belong to a nation that is part of the US Visa Waiver program or from one of the seven countries that the US does not permit entry to, you will need to seek a valid B1/B2 visa to visit America. However, getting a visa is not mean feat, given the frequent visa denials we’ve seen in recent times. The rejection can be due to [...]

Visiting USA

How to Visit USA

Did you know that there were about 1.15 million visitors just from India to the US in 2018 alone? And, this number is expected to rise to 1.41 in 2022, say the figures published on Statista. People visiting America for business or leisure account for most of these visitors. Then there are those who visit the US for medical or research [...]

Travel Insurance

10 Best Health Insurance Plans for US Visitors in 2020

Visiting Parents

Checklist for Parents Visiting United States from India

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USA Travel Checklist – Items to Carry & Things To Do