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Frequently Asked US Visit Visa Interview Questions

A B1/B2 visa is for those planning to visit the USA for either pleasure or business trips (like conferences or interviews) and is a tougher one to crack at the interviews. I cracked mine couple of years back and it went well. Lot of folks complain that they were asked tough questions at the interview and were denied visa.

My experience is that it’s not the questions that matter but your attitude and intent. The officer can sniff out your intent and how well planned you are. I’m guessing that the only thing that he is trying to figure out if whether or not your case is genuine. If you’ve planned well and is planning to return soon, you should be good.

Having said that, you should be able to answer the officer clearly to avoid any confusion. Following are some frequently asked questions at every B1/B2 visa interviews in India.

B1 B2 Interview Questions

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Top B1/B2 USA Visa Interview Questions

Here is a list of top interview questions asked for US Visa interviews…

  • Why are you visiting/going to the US?

Here, the intention is to understand your reason of visit. If it is business, let him/her know your honest intentions and purpose of visit.

Example answer: “I’m visiting the US to attend a conference in California – The XYZ conference.”

  • Who will pay for your trip?

Here, the intention is to figure out how well your finances are and whether or not you can handle it on your own and what the risks are. If someone else is paying for your trip, then you probably will have to show the proof.

Example answer: “My employer is paying for the trip. Here are the plane ticket and hotel reservations made.”

  • When will you return?

Here, the intention is to figure out whether or not you have a solid plan to return.

Example answer: “On the [date], soon as the conference is over.”

  • Where will you stay?

Here, again the intention is to figure out whether you have made proper travel plans.

Example answer: “I will be staying at the Marriot on such and such date or for two days.”

  • Who’s in your family in India?

Here, the intention is to figure out whether or not you have plans to return to India or you have ties/commitments in India.

Example answer: “I have my mom and dad at my home in Delhi.”

  • What do you do in India?

Here, the intention is to figure out what you do (obviously).

Example answer: “I work at XYZ as Quality tester in their Delhi office.”

  • Do you plan to immigrate to the US?

Here, the intention is to figure out whether you plan to return or now. You have to answer this with a firm no.

  • Do you have friends and family in the US?

This, can go both ways. But generally a good idea is to be honest and let them know if you have friends and family but also indicate that you don’t or do plan to visit them.

So, that’s it. Basically, whatever question you get asked, the intention of the officer is to figure out whether or not you are genuine with your travel plans and plan to return. Answer honestly and politely.

All the best!

Having lived in 3+ countries, worked for companies small and big in the USA, Middle East & India, I have a lot of experience to share about international travel, immigration and living as an NRI in the US. Add me on WhatsApp if you have any queries (+1-408-489-4785)