5 Best Cruise Insurance Plans

It is understood that getting aid in any sort of emergency while you’re in the middle of an ocean is going to cost you a fortune. And while there are doctors and first aid facilities for minor illnesses on a ship, imagine what the bills of a major one could be! Cruzely, a website dedicated to ‘everything cruise’, says,

“The expenses of emergency transport for serious emergencies can be upwards of $20,000 or more.”

You might consider using regular travel insurance for your cruise but a generic plan may not always cover you for onboard emergencies. This is why you should always buy an insurance plan specially designed for cruise travel. Take a look at the best plans before you buy one.

Best Cruise Insurance Plans

Travel Guard Platinum: Offered by the National Union Fire Company, this one covers you with 150% of the trip cost in case of cancellation, $1,000 for trip interruption or delay, $500 for a missed connection at the airport or port of call. Baggage and personal effect benefits include $2,500, while baggage delay is compensated up to $500. The policy also covers medical contingencies for up to $50,000 and another $50,000 for accidental death or dismemberment.

Amex International Comprehensive: This is cruise insurance from American Express and covers you on both national and international waters.  Under this policy, you get unlimited medical coverage, $25,000 for accidental death, $10,000 each for cancellation of cruise and lost luggage. You can also get up to $6,000 hospital cash allowance and many more benefits.

Zoom Travel Insurance: Provided by Zoom, this policy provides unlimited coverage for medical contingencies as well as cancellation of the cruise. Loss or delay of luggage is covered for $5,000 and $200, respectively, while benefits for other unexpected travel expenses is up to $30,000. This policy also covers children and grandchildren under the age of 21, at no extra charge.

Downunder: This insurance policy covers your personal liabilities with a sum of $5,000,000, offered by the Australian company, DUInsure. This plan also provides unlimited coverage for medical emergencies, $50,000 for permanent disability, and $30,000 in case of accidental death of the insured. Loss or delay of luggage is covered with $5,000 and $250, respectively. Along with other benefits, this policy has no age limit for the insurer.

iTrek Pioneer: Provided by Lloyd’s, this policy gives unlimited coverage for medical emergencies and cancellation of the cruise. A sum of $2,500,000 insures you against personal liabilities, while $5,000 and $250 cover you for loss and delay of baggage, respectively. You also get $5,000 hospital cash and $2,000 for delay benefits, along with many other benefits.

Other than covering for expensive medical contingencies, cruise travel insurance also assists with benefits in case you fail to connect with your ship at any given port. Besides these five, other travel insurance policies that provide great benefits and include cruise trips are Tick Insurance, Virgin Money, Fast Cover, Kango Cover and Webjet insurance.

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