3 Best Travel Insurance Plans for Trip Cancellation

In a recent event of abrupt flight cancellation, “Hundreds of passengers flying to cities in the Middle East via Doha from the UK have been told they will be issued full refunds and redirected to a nearby destination, as a diplomatic row in the Gulf region intensifies,” reported The Telegraph, on June 6. 2017.

Did you know, going by the statistics published by Flight Stats, the number of flights cancelled globally in the month of August 2017 along was a staggering 39,080? Given these figures, it is not inconceivable that your holiday plans could fall prey to another flight cancellation. Whether or not your plane flies is hardly in your control but whether or not its cancellation affects your finances certainly is. But you will have to buy trip cancellation insurance for this. Here’s a look at some of the best plans available today.

3 Best Travel Insurance Plans for Trip Cancellation

Round Trip Elite

All residents of the United States under the age of 80, planning to spend at least 24 hours away from the country are eligible for protection under this policy. The traveler must also purchase the policy from his or her home country before embarking on the trip. This plan provides coverage for up to 90 days and has an optional flight coverage and collision damage waiver.

The policy buyer can get 100% of trip costs refunded for cancellation, up to $20,000 and 150% coverage of trip costs in case of interruption due to a listed reason. It also covers trip delays up to $500, along with medical expenses up to $75,000. If needed, you can also claim benefits for emergency evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains.

Read the plan brochure to find out more about this plan.

Travel Guard Platinum

To be eligible for this plan, you must a US resident who plans to travel at least 00 miles away from home. This policy covers its holder for up to 364 days with a number of benefits. These include 100% coverage of trip costs in case of cancellation, and 150% of the trip costs for interruptions, benefits of up to a $1,000 for an unforeseen delay in the trip. Optional benefits include cancellation for any reason, collision of a rental car you were using and an upgrade on your medical coverage under the plan.

Find out all about this policy in the plan brochure.

Trip Protector

This policy protects you if you are a US resident aged 70 years or less and intending to spend at least 24 hours away from your home. If you are travelling with a child below the age of 6, he or she can be enrolled with the parents in the plan. Also, like the other two policies, this must also be purchased in the home country, before you travel.

This plan also covers 100% of the trip costs, but up to $5,000. It covers the costs of interruption up to 125%. You can get other benefits, such as a $500 coverage for delay, $75,000 for medical or dental emergencies and more. It has the same optional benefits as the other policies.

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