How Much Does Cruise Insurance Cost?

Did you know that the cruise industry is the fastest-growing category in the leisure travel market? According to a report, 2017-Cruise-Industry-Overview-Cruise-Line-Statistics, the cruise industry has experienced an average annual passenger growth of 7% since 1980. The report further added that in the 10 years from 2005 to 2015, the demand for cruise travel has increased more than 60%.

The demand can be well understood by the fact that cruises have emerged as a great way to spend vacations, during which you can see multiple destinations but need to unpack only once. You get to enjoy fantastic food, accommodation, transportation between travel destinations and never-ending entertainment on-board. The best thing about cruise ships is that they are 100% family friendly, where you can bring your kids, grandkids and even grandparents along.

Things Can Still Go Wrong on a Cruise

When on a cruise ship, one needs to be prepared for any kind of mishap, from hurricanes to norovirus outbreaks, cancellation of the trip, missing bags, passport, wallet, or missing the cruise itself, that can take place during the travel, and ruin your vacation in an instant.

You  might even be surprised to learn that medical emergencies like abdominal pain could become a reason for you to leave the cruise ship, just like it happened with an 82-year-old, ailing cruise ship passenger of Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas that was sailing from Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne for a five-day cruise to Bermuda. He was airlifted to a South Jersey hospital immediately, according to a report on, published in July 2017.

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Cruise Insurance Can Help Make Things Right

Given the unique, multi-leg nature of travelling via cruise ship, arming yourself with travel insurance specifically designed for a cruise becomes essential. Cruise travel insurance not only covers you for unexpected medical issues during the cruise, but also protects you if you miss a leg of your trip or need an emergency evacuation from the sea, which will not be reimbursed by the cruise line.

Wondering how much such travel insurance would cost you? published that a person aged between 35 and 59 years, who plans to insure cruise fare of $1,599 per person, needs to pay $100 plus $3.50 in fees for a Travel Guard’s Gold plan, one of the most popular travel insurance providers in North America.

Essential Cruise Travel Insurance Coverage

When buying cruise travel insurance, make sure that the plan includes the following coverage, which assures that you are making the right choice:

  1. Evacuation Coverage:
    This cover should pay for necessary evacuation due to a medical emergency, helping the traveller get home after treatment or for repatriation of a traveller’s remains. The cover is suggested to be high, at least $500,000.
  2. Trip Interruption Coverage:
    In cases where due to some unfavourable circumstances, you need to end your trip in between and return home, the travel insurance should offer you up to 150% reimbursement of unused travel costs.
  3. Missed Connection Coverage:
    While on a cruise, a traveller might encounter situations like unplanned labour strikes, severe weather and even overbooking errors. Missed connection coverage should protect them in case they miss the departure of the ship.
  4. Financial Default Coverage:
    In case the cruise operator or other supplier ceases services due to financial default or bankruptcy, the travel insurance should provide reimbursement for payments made to a travel supplier.
  5. Cancellation for Any Reason:
    There are factors responsible for trip cancellation that are not covered by standard travel insurance. This coverage ensures that all your pre-paid travel expenses are reimbursed, no matter what the reason for cancellation might be.

Before buying cruise travel insurance, get quotes from various insurers, compare them not just for premium but also coverage detailed and only then make an informed purchase.

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