IATA Travel Pass for Easier Travel

Another good news for travel enthusiasts!

According to reports from here and here, IATA will be launching a virtual travel document by the end of this year, by which travellers can use the pass for their COVID vaccination status verification and other such details.

All the information like your travel history, COVID vaccination history etc will be avilable on this travel document making it a contactless verification option.

This will be extremely useful for frequent travellers who has to carry a bunch of documents and certificates during these post COVID times.

Typically travellers are asked to carry documents like vaccine certification, certificate from a Government authorized agency, travel history etc other than your regular list of documents.

This is a hassle and probably not a fun way to travel in the future.

The IATA pass will be made available on a mobile app and travellers can save/verify all their documents on the app, making it a convenient way to travel.

The IATA pass will also make it easy for officers to verify travel and COVID details contactless for everyone.

Currently, it looks like the IATA is in talks with many airline companies to have them onboard/participate in this project.

What does IATA Travel Pass do?

IATA travel pass keeps a digital document of your travel details and COVID vaccine related information so that it is easy to verify during travel by authorities.

First, it creates a digital version of your passport.

Which is then connected with your COVID test and travel related information from verified sources.

Then, on adding your flight details, the app will show you the travel requirements and COVID related documentation required.

This is a great way to standardise the whole process as right now, the verification process is disintegrated.

The app will also show you the nearest available verified COVID test centres, so that in case you need to take a test, you can do so easily.

The test centres can send COVID test results and certificates to your IATA app profile, where it will be stored and available for verification.

Through out your journey, the IATA Travel Pass will act as the standard way to verify your ID and COVID test status.

You can even check-in with the airline before travel, right from your home with the IATA Travel Pass.

According to IATA’s official blog

The IATA Travel Pass App will contain all the passenger details necessary for safe, efficient travel. It will inform passengers on what tests, vaccines, and other measures they require prior to travel, details on where they can get tested, and, most importantly, the ability to share their tests and vaccination results in a verifiable manner that also protects privacy.


Hoping to see more details emerge soon.

More details here – https://www.iata.org/

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