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Is it Safe to Visit USA?

At the point of writing this, there are increased tensions between the US and the Middle East. Iran and the US have made public announcements regarding strikes post the US assassination of the Iranian commander Soleimani.

However, US officials have expressed publicly through their social media handles that, it is safe to travel to the USA, during this time.

Regular checks and security measures are in place. For US citizens, Indian origin US citizens and people who are visiting the USA, there is absolutely no issue traveling to the USA.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

How safe is it to visit USA?

Yes, it is safe to visit the USA, provided you have all your documents in place.

Documents you need to carry if traveling to USA on a visit visa.

  • Visa copies.
  • Valid passports (at least six months of validity).
  • ID cards if any.
  • Necessary funds (no need to carry physically).
  • US Point of Contact.
  • US Contact’s Address and Phone Number.
  • Old passports.

At the POE (Port of Entry), you will be greeted by a CBP (Border Protection) officer who will verify your visit, by asking questions and if required, checking documents.

Usually, you’ll be asked the following questions.

  • What is the purpose of your visit?
  • Who is your US contact person?
  • How long is the stay?
  • Who is taking care of your expenses?

If you aren’t able to convince the officer, you could be asked to leave the US and return to your country of origin. This happens very rarely though.

Make sure that you’re not carrying any prohibited or restricted items on US soil. For a full list of items that shouldn’t be carried to the USA, check the official CBP website here.

All the best!

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