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Things to Do in USA on Visit Visa

For all travel freaks, a visit to the US might be something that finds a place on your bucket list. Not only offering a visual treat, America offers many unique experiences. In addition, its world class medical facilities that compel many from across the globe to plan a visit to the country to get themselves and their loved ones treated, despite the high cost of medical care in the US.

What’s more, Americans love having people visit their country too, as it contributes to the nation’s booming travel and tourism industry, and becomes a substantial source of employment for citizens, directly providing around 5.5 million jobs annually, according to data published by Statista. The travel and tourism industry contributed $1.5 trillion to America’s GDP in 2015 alone. If visits to the US continue at this pace, the industry might grow to contribute more than $2.6 trillion to the GDP by 2027.

To visit the US for tourism or to meet a relative or friend, the visitor needs to apply for a B-2 tourism visa, solely meant for the purposes of tourism. This visa is only issued to travellers intending to visit the nation for a short duration for pleasure.

However, there are many activities that you can try while in the country on your visitor’s visa.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

List of Activities Allowed with a US Tourist Visa

  • Meeting Family and Friends: B-2 visa status is granted to applicants traveling to the US to visit family or friends or merely as a tourist. Sometimes, a sick or dying relative can become the reason for the trip. Just remember that in front of the US consulate, make sure you are able to justify the reason for your visit to the US, since many people fake it as well.
  • Attending a Wedding or Event: You can also apply for a B-2 visitor’s visa if you have received an invitation from a close (and only close) relative for a wedding in the US or other family events, such as a baby shower, house warming party or even a graduation party. For all these reasons, you need to produce an invitation card at the US consulate and genuine details of the arrangements to prove the invite’s authenticity.
  • Receive Medical Treatment: Receiving medical treatment in the US is one of the major reasons for people applying for a for B-2 visa. When travelling to America for medical treatment, one needs to provide evidence, such as a letter from the consulting physician in the home country, stating the diagnosis and required treatment, proof of being accepted for treatment at a US medical facility and more. For more information and the required documents, visit this link.
  • Pregnancy Help: In a foreign country, it can be pretty difficult for a woman to help herself during pregnancy. They are, therefore, allowed to invite a close relative for help.
  • Participate in Social Events: You are eligible for a B-2 visitor visa if you have to attend a social event, such as a conference, convention, convocation of social or fraternal organizations. Those who are visiting the US to participate in voluntary programs hosted by charitable organizations in the country are also eligible for this type of visa.
  • Participate in a Short-Term Course: A person is not eligible for a B-2 visitor’s visa if they intend to visit the country for purposes of studying at a school or university. However, they can apply for a tourist visa if they have enrolled themselves in a short course of study in the US.
  • Participate in Amateur Unpaid Contests or Events: If the reason for your visa application is participation in a contest or event for social and charitable reasons and you are not getting paid for your performance, you can seek B-2 visa status.

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