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US Immigration News

Can Iranians Travel to USA?

With the recent tensions going on between Iran and America, there is confusion among travelers to USA from Iran, whether or not they’d be let in or denied entry. Here’s what we know so far.

Travel to US for US Citizens of Iranian Descent

CBP (U.S Customs and Border Protection) can, of course, detain and question anyone seeking to enter the US to check and ascertain their U.S citizenship and what they are carrying to the U.S.

However, no U.S citizen is under legal obligation to answer questions relating to their race or religion.

If you’re a U.S citizen with Iranian descent, you have all the legal rights to enter USA and CBP cannot deny entry based on your descent, religion or faith.

However, reports are coming in on social media that U.S citizens of Iranian descent are being questioned for hours together at US Canada border and denied entry. (Source – Vox)

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US Customs and Border Protection Refusing Entry for Iranians

An official tweet from CBP has cleared the rumors that the CBP does not refuse entry for Iranian-Americans because of their country of origin.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

Can you enter USA if you’re an Iranian?

If you hold a U.S visa and a valid passport or is a U.S citizen of Iranian descent, then yes you have all the rights to enter U.S.A.

However, with the recent war tensions between the countries, it appears that there might be additional checks from CBP to ensure safety and security.

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