Coronavirus Travel Insurance Post COVID – All You Need to Know

At the time of writing this, there is absolutely no international travel happening, other than the rescue and repatriation flights. But this is soon changing.

By July end 2020, certain international flights are expected to resume. European Union has selectively lifted its travel ban to certain countries.

If countries mutually agree to serve international flights between them, we will start to see international flights resume between different nations. The USA at the moment has seen a very high number of COVID patients and this is the reason why countries like the European Union are reluctant to grant entry for its citizens and travelers. But all of this might change soon.

And once international travel restarts, here are the things you need to know to travel safe and protect against the Coronavirus – with Coronavirus specific travel insurance plans.

Travel Insurance before Coronavirus was declared

If you’ve taken travel insurance plans after March 12th, after it was declared a pandemic by the WHO, then it is very likely that your insurance plan may not be covering it.

However, if you had taken travel insurance plans before March 12th, then double check with your insurance company on whether you can claim the benefits.

Recommended Plans

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Which travel insurance plans cover Coronavirus?

Not all travel insurance plans cover Coronavirus. Certain travel insurance however, do cover and protect you against uncertainties and even cancellations against Coronavirus. These plans are usually the “Cancel against any reason” category of travel insurance plans.

To know which travel insurance plans can protect you against the Coronavirus, check this article.

Can you get covered against Coronavirus with travel insurance?

If you’ve taken travel insurance after it was declared a pandemic, you are likely to not get cover. But it depends on what type of policy you’ve taken. If you’ve taken a “Cancel against any reason” type policy, you may be likely to get covered.

Can travel insurance cover you against COVID treatment?

No. COVID medical treatment is currently not covered by any travel insurance company to my knowledge. However, if you have taken a “Cancel against any reason” type policy, you might get covered for flight cancellations etc.

Should you avoid traveling to Coronavirus affected regions?

Yes, it is recommended that you postpone or avoid traveling to COVID hit regions as of now. Especially, if there is an official travel advisory in place. Most travel insurance companies do not cover or provide cover for travel to such regions, so it would be wise to avoid travel right now.

However, if you’re in an emergency, talk to your insurance company and figure out if there are any travel insurance plans that cover Coronavirus and COVID related issues.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments below.

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