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Best Travel Insurance for CoronaVirus – Complete Guide

Last Updated On: July 2, 2020

So, CoronaVirus outbreak is spreading like wildfire and many countries are restricting travel. Almost all major countries of the world have brought in travel bans and restrictions.

As a result, many flights are canceled and people who have booked their travel are finding it difficult to get the amount refunded/reschedule.

Here are some of the best travel insurance plans that might cover flight cancellations due to CoronaVirus.

Atlas America

Patriot America Plus. 

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive.

Patriot Platinum America.

Keep in mind that there are two types of coverage for plans that might cover CoronaVirus.

One is medical coverage and the other, travel coverage. Let’s look into both.

Medical Coverage for CoronaVirus

For visitors in the US, medical coverage for CoronaVirus treatment can be availed if you have a good travel insurance policy that covers any flu-like diseases.

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According to Insubuy,

As of March 13, 2020, in most visitors insurance plans for the U.S., there is no specific exclusion for coronavirus. Therefore, if you are infected with coronavirus while visiting the U.S., it would be treated just like any other illness, and subject to the general terms and conditions of the policy.

Can you get treated for CoronaVirus if you buy a travel insurance plan?

Insurance Refunds for CoronaVirus

If you arrived at your destination (say USA) before travel bans or warnings were issued, you might qualify for coverage. It depends on various factors though. Please check with your airline directly.

Can you get refund due to flight cancellations from CoronaVirus?

Flight Cancellation Refunds due to CoronaVirus

The short answer is that, in order to get a refund, you need to have bought a travel insurance plan that covers “cancellations against any reason”. Depending your airline policies, a refund is possible.

Can you get travel insurance if you travel to Corona affected countries?

Flight Cancellation for CoronaVirus

Likely not.
But it depends on your citizenship, your destination and the status of whether or not they are included in the restricted travel list. Please check with your airline directly.

Can you claim travel insurance if you travel from Corona affected countries?

Trip Refund because of CoronaVirus

Not in most cases.
Please check with your airline for details. Check the updated status for whether or not your country is included in the high risk areas.

What type of travel insurance covers trip cancellations due to CoronaVirus?

Trip Cancellation for CoronaVirus

You’d need travel insurance plans that offer “cancelations against any reason”. There are a few good plans and the best ones are mentioned in this article.

Will my Credit Card cover CoronaVirus?

Travel Insurance for CoronaVirus

If you’re sick, and have a Doctor’s prescription, yes you might qualify to get covered for trip cancellation because of CoronaVirus.

Can I get refund for trip cancellation becuse of CoronaVirus without travel insurance?

Travel Insurance for Corona Virus

Likely. It depends on your airline. Many airlines are considering the current situations as a special one off one and are offering cancellations/refunds without any questions asked. Talk to your airline asap.

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