US Travel Ban on Indian Travelers – Update

So, the big question everyone is asking is when can Indians travel to the US. Is the US travel ban on India lifted?

Well, here is the reality.

US travel ban on India – The Pretext

President Biden issued a blanket travel ban on Indian non-immigrant visa holders, including H1-B and L-1 visa holders, their dependents, business travellers, and visitors, on April 30 in the wake of the tragic Delta variant outbreak.

The restriction has been renewed in 30-day increments each month, despite the fact that the original ruling was only for 30 days. The number of cases has decreased dramatically, and vaccination rates have increased, forcing Biden to change his mind.

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What’s the current status of US travel ban?

Currently, Indian passport holders cannot travel to the USA.

However, the US will no longer impose a travel ban on fully vaccinated Indians as of November 2021.

Indians, as well as other international travellers from Europe, Brazil, and South Africa, will be able to enter the United States without difficulty. A negative RT-PCR test performed 72 hours prior to departure is still required.

Is the US travel ban to India lifted?

The US will no longer refuse entry to properly vaccinated Indians starting in November.

Travellers from Europe, Brazil, and South Africa will be able to enter the US without issue. A negative RT-PCR test 72 hours before the flight is still required.

Which other countries have banned Indians from travelling?

Not only the US has odd rules.

Canada demands RT-PCR or rapid tests 72 hours prior to arrival, forcing Indians to transit via a third nation only to receive a test. Isn’t it easier to just test everyone upon arrival? Many quote this as a weird rule.

If you are planning to travel to the US, you will need to wait until November of 2021.

We also need some clear rules on this from the Government.

Vaccination requirements for US travel

The White House COVID-19 coordinator, Jeff Zients, revealed the new policy, which requires all foreign visitors to the US to show proof of immunisation and a negative COVID-19 test within three days of travel.

Mr. Biden will also strengthen testing requirements for unvaccinated Americans returning home, requiring them to be tested both before and after their return.

The new policy replaces President Donald Trump’s last year’s patchwork of travel bans that restrict non-citizens’ travel to the UK, EU, China, India, Iran, Republic of Ireland, Brazil, and South Africa.

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