US Visa Processing Updates

Many of you were asking if US visa processing has restarted. Well, the good news is that US visa processing has restarted and consulates have started giving new visas. Here is an update.

On November 8, the US eased travel restrictions from a number of nations, enabling travelers to make long-delayed visits and families to reunite after more than a year and a half apart due to the epidemic and travel restrictions.

US Student Visa Processing Has Restarted

Student visas are still handled as needed. We predict a rise in student applications in November and December for the January semester.

As a result, many student visa slots will be available. Appointments for H, L, and other non-immigrant visa categories will be available starting January 2022. It will be some time before we begin B-1/B-2 visa services.

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Has US Visit Visa Processing Restarted

The B1/B2 Drop box application appointment window opens late November/early December for appointments in January/February 2022. Appointments for B-1/B-2 visas not eligible for dropbox may be postponed.

Has Immigrant Visa Processing Started

The US Consulate in Mumbai handles immigrant visas for all of India and has a large immigrant visa processing team. To date, they exclusively scheduled interviews for people exempt from the numerous Presidential Proclamations and travel bans. They’ll now start arranging interviews for the other categories.

Can H1B Visa stamping be done from India now

With the large backlogs, even obtaining dropbox appointments may be problematic. You do not require a visa if you are in status in the US on an accepted H-1B petition or comparable circumstances. A visa is only required if you leave the US and return. So, it’s best to travel at a later date for visa stamping on H1 vsas.


US visa services have resumed but are subject to local restrictions and practical constraints. There are massive backlogs and US consulates are working hard to process visas as fast as possible.

However, anticipate significant delays in the following months due to local COVID-19 requirements regarding social distancing and short health examinations.

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  1. if some wants stamping of H1B VISA in India,now what is the time taken at present?

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