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How to Apply for Indian Visa

India, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscape, attracts millions of US citizens every year. In 2016, more than 1.3 million Americans visited the country, representing a hike of 27% in tourist arrivals in the last four years, says an article on Business Standard.

The entire process of getting a visa to India can be completed online. The first step is to determine what kind of visa you will need, depending on the purpose of your visit, such as a tourist visa, business visa, student visa and so on. 

There are mainly 2 types of Indian visas: 

  1. E-Visa or Online Visa: The validity of this visa is 60 days. This mainly caters to tourism, business and medical treatment purposes.
  2. Paper Visa: For stays longer than 60 days. You will need to visit your nearest Indian Consulate for this.

India Visa Application Process

Here is the India visa application process.

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Step 1

Make sure that every individual fills in a separate application form for themselves. Once the online form has been submitted, it cannot be edited. Therefore, it is best to check every detail for accuracy before submitting it.

Step 2

Along with the application form, you will also need to submit a digital photograph in JPEG format, not be less than 10 KB and more than 300 KB in size. Make sure the photograph has a light or white background and is borderless.

Upon receiving the application, the Indian consulate requires at least 3 business days to process it. However, you can seek to expedite the process. The processing fee will vary according to the timeframe chosen, so make sure you check up on that before making a choice.              

    Type of Processing       Time Taken
Standard Processing 96 Hours 
Rush Processing 72 Hours
Super Rush Processing48 Hours

The standard visa fee is $160, while the e-visa fee is $100.

After the form has been filled and submitted successfully, an automated Application ID is generated, which you should keep safely, since it is important for further communication with the consulate.

Step 3

The next step is scheduling an appointment with the Indian consulate. Keep in mind that each applicant requires a separate appointment for the submission of the application form. Make sure you print out the application form and check all the information before the date of the appointment.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

Supporting Documents Required for an Indian Visa

  • Original passport, with a minimum validity of six months
  • Passport size colored photo of the applicant 
  • Profession proof 
  • International credit card or bank statement as proof of sufficient funds for travel and stay in India.

The process of applying for a visa for India is fairly simple. As long as you submit all the required documents and accurate information, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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