How Much Does Visitors Health Insurance Cost

Planning a trip to the United States? Have you checked out visitor health insurance policies yet? With the cost of medical care skyrocketing across the world and the US is known to be one of the most expensive countries for health care, it only makes sense to protect yourself with a good insurance policy. 

The cost of the insurance will depend on various factors, such as the age of the traveler, pre-existing and potential medical conditions, length of the trip is and so on. The cost could range from 4% to 10% of the total trip expense, according to an article on Travel Insurance Review. The percentage will vary based on the type of insurance plan you choose. Basic budget plan start at about 4% or less of the total trip costs, while premium plans can even go over 12% of the trip.

Types of Visitor Health Insurance

Here are the different types of visitors health insurance plans.

Recommended Plans

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Limited Coverage Plan

This type of policy provides basic protection and is usually not as expensive as comprehensive plans, making it ideal for those who are in good health and therefore lower risk of falling ill. Each benefit in such plans is fixed and predefined.

Such plans pay a limited amount for each service you choose. For instance, for a policy that costs $50,000, you can get up to $3,300 for surgeries if you are below 70 years of age. No matter how much the surgery costs, under Limited Insurance, only a particular amount will be paid. The rest has to be paid for from your pocket. 

There will also be a deductible amount, which has to be paid by you, before the insurance kicks in. So, if your deductible amount is $100, then the limited insurance will pay $3,200 for the surgery for the first time. If you have a pre-existing condition, choose a policy that pays for acute relapse of existing conditions.

Here, the rates may vary from $25,000 to $50,000 and $100,000, which include physician visits, surgeries, diagnostics, dental needs, and more.

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

This type of plan offers complete, all-around protection but at a slightly higher cost, as compared to limited plans. Comprehensive plans usually function like the PPO network of 80%-20%. So, after the deductible is paid, the plan will pay 80% of the cost for the initial $5,000 and 100% of the cost thereafter.

The reason these plans are favored is that we really cannot predict when we might need medical help. Even if we are really careful, an accident might land us in hospital, and as mentioned earlier, health care is extremely expensive in the US. Find more detailed information on comprehensive plans here.

Which Visitors Insurance Plan Should You Choose?

There are two things to consider while choosing a visitor health insurance plan. Firstly, consider your age and your health condition.

Secondly, consider what activities you might be participating in during your trip. If you feel that there could be chances that you fall ill or get injured, it is best to choose a comprehensive plan. However, if you don’t expect to participate in too many outdoor activities and are in good health, a limited could work.

Here are some of the best health insurance for US visitors.

Comprehensive plans are a good idea for senior citizens, with pre-existing medical conditions and sportsmen, who could be at higher risk of incurring injuries.

Recommended Plan For Your Travel

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