10 Tips for Senior Citizens Visiting USA

According to an article published in The Times of India in March 2013, the share of elderly travellers in the tourism industry has gone up by 15%. In addition, a report by Frost & Sullivan and Amadeus estimates that by 2030, 7.3 million outbound Indians would be senior citizens. And among those traveling overseas, America has always been a popular choice.

However, traveling at an older age is not the same as doing so when you’re young. You probably have a bigger budget now but may be limited by your body. Although every adventure is about pushing your limits and rediscovering them, at a certain age, you have to be cautious when embarking on an adventure. Read on to know what you should keep in mind while planning an American holiday.

Tips for Senior Citizens Visiting USA from India

Tips for Seniors Traveling to USA

Here are some tips for senior parents traveling to USA.

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Buy insurance

A travel insurance policy should be bought by anyone going an overseas trip. However, it is an absolute essential for aged travelers, for two reasons – they have a higher probability of incurring medical expenses and they are seen as soft targets by mischief mongers, such as thieves and muggers.

United States had the most expensive health care system in the world. Travel insurance could not only save you from a huge unforeseen medical expenditure but also cover for loss of passport, loss or delay of checked-in baggage and theft.

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Plan and book as early as possible

Planning a trip to America should be done well in advance, especially given the long visa application and approval process. It may take time but a senior citizen’s US visa application is hardly ever rejected. In most cases, applicants above 80 years of age are not even required to appear for an interview. This gives you time to book your flight tickets well in advance and get the lowest possible fares.

Read Flying Tips for Older Passengers in The New York Times, before booking your tickets. Besides getting to the Unites States, planning should also take care what you do once you’ve reached. The United States has many places to go to for the elderly and planning your itinerary will allow you to cover as many as possible.

Get a pre-travel health check up

A journey to the United States is about 13,600 km and a visit to the doctor before you embark on such a long journey is a wise idea. Having an updated prescription will help when you’re packing medicines and you will also become aware of any new medical conditions you might need to take care. Also, knowledge of all your pre-existing conditions helps in getting a better deal while buying travel insurance.

With a spurt in the elderly tourist segment of the Indian tourism industry, travel agencies have now come up with travel packages tailor-made for seniors. They provide customized meals, medical assistance on the go and age-friendly hotels. Holiday planners are making all efforts to give you a convenient and memorable experience, all you have to do is pack your bags and arrive.

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