How to Fill the DS-160 Form

Did you know that about 1.17 million tourists visited the US from India in 2016 alone? This figure is expected to cross the 1.41 million mark by 2022, according to Statista. If you are planning to be a part of this number, the first step is to get a tourist visa

To get a tourist visa for the United States, you will need to fill an application form, the DS-160. The DS-160 form is the online non-immigrant visa application form that is application for a variety of visa categories, such as B1, B2, H1B, L1 and F1. 

It is crucial that you fill accurate and complete information in this form, since that would enhance your chances of being granted a visa, without delays or hurdles. 

Documents Required to Fill the Form 

  1. Digital photo of the applicant. However, in case you are unable to upload the photography, carry a printed version when you visit the US consulate or embassy for you visa interview.
  2. Proof of financial stability to support your stay in America, such as bank statements for the past 6 months, or any other proof of income.
  3. Proof of your permanent address in your home country and the address of the place where you will reside while in the US.

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Things to Know Before Filling the Form 

It is advisable to answer all mandatory questions in English, apart from when you are asked to provide your details in your native language. A majority of the questions are self-explanatory, while clear details are provided for other questions, so the process of filling the form is simplified, even for a first-timer.

Download and save the DS-160 form, in case you are unable to complete the entire application procedure in one go. Remember, if the form is left idle for 20 minutes at a stretch, the session will expire, resulting in the loss of all the data you had put in so far. This is done mainly to protect your privacy. 

Information Required to Fill the Form

  1. Passport details such as name,  date of birth, issue and expiry date, passport number and so on.
  2. Details of family like parents’ name, their occupation, mailing address, income details etc. 
  3. Your residential address in the US
  4. Most recent travel date to the US (if any) 

Things to Do After Filling the Form 

After the form has been filled, thoroughly check if all the data is true to your knowledge. Misrepresented data can result in cancellation of your visa. Once you are sure about the accuracy of the information, submit and pay a fee of $160 post which you can print the confirmation page. The next step is to schedule an interview with your passport number, fee payment receipt and the 10-digit bar code number. The form needs to be carried along through all steps of visa application.

This is all it takes to fill the DS-160 visa application form. Hopefully, this was helpful enough.

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