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COVID Has Changed Travel Forever!

Travel is changing the we knew it. Forever. There’s going to be two parts to travel history – Pre COVID and Post COVID. Here’s proof!

The COVID pandemic has wrecked havoc across countries and continents. The travel industry was probably the worst to get hit. Except the repatriation flights, there’s been almost zero air travel since March 2020.

Although, all that is changing and travel restrictions are being lifted off, travel as we knew is changing. Or better yet, has changed.

1. Travel is more flexible than ever

Flight cancellations, destination changes, will now be normal. Pre COVID, if travellers were to take the brunt of flight cancellations, the pandemic has proved that it is no longer abnormal. And now, airlines, Government authorities and insurance agencies are in talks to incorporate these uncertainties into travel plans.

As a result, flight cancellations and such uncertainties might become part of the “regular” insurance plans. Short notice cancellations might fetch travellers full refunds in the new era.

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2. Pre-registrations for travel

Pre-COVID, one could book that last moment trip and get away with it.

Not any more.

More and more countries are making it considering making it mandatory for travellers to pre-register their travels early on.

If this becomes the norm, we shall see more and more queuing up literally and otherwise.

3. Health checks and certificates

We’re seeing more and more authorities considering making health checks and certificates mandatory for entry to their countries.

Countries like Iceland, Spain and certain regions of Italy currently require pre-registration for travel with local government or tourism authorities.

It might soon come into existence for countries like the UAE, EU etc and if implemented well, will requite travellers to prepare well in advance.

4. Mandatory disinfection at Airports

If you’ve been complaining of messy security checks by TSA at airports, wait until you get into a disinfection tunnel.

From what it looks like, Airports will make it mandatory for travellers to take compulsory disinfections and health checkups during layovers and transit.

As of now, zero-touch temperature checks and hand washes are mandatory. This might only become the normal, going ahead.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

5. Limited public transport

Airports like Heathrow, London has already brought in restrictions whereby, instead of multiple lines of public transport to and from the airport, only two lines are operational.

While it makes it easier for authorities to control and scan traffic, it might become difficult for travellers going ahead.

With all the new restrictions coming in place, travel will no longer be the same. More delays, limited seats, restricted travel and lot of queuing up will be the normal.

What do you think?

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