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Do Americans Need a Visa to Visit Syria?

The US government warns its citizens regarding the risk involved in visiting Syria due to the significant increase in violence, terrorism and cases of kidnapping in the country over the past few years. If you still decide to visit Syria, it is advisable to check the government website on visiting high risk areas, establishing a security plan and sharing important documents with your family members, before leaving home.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

Eligibility Criteria for a Syrian Visa

  • You must have a valid US passport.
  • You must obtain a valid visa.
  • If you wish to stay for more than 15 days, you need to register with the Syrian immigration authorities.
  • You must be of good health and must not have HIV/AIDS at the time of entering Syria.
  • Foreigners coming from countries affected by yellow fever must provide a vaccination certificate against the disease.

Other important things to know before visiting Syria include a departure tax charged at Syrian land and sea borders for all the tourists, except those who are visiting on diplomatic passports and children under the age of 11 years. Moreover, the Syrian government highly restricts foreigners who have traveled to Israel earlier. Foreigners who are suspected of having traveled to Israel before coming to Syria have been detained and interrogated in the past.

US males holding dual Syrian citizenship may be subject to serving in the Syrian military compulsorily, unless they have temporary exemption from the Syrian embassy, prior to their entering Syria. If you are planning to study Arabic at a private institution in Syria, you might not get a visa for that.

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