Parents Visiting USA – A Step by Step Guide

Are you planning to invite your parents in USA for your graduation ceremony? It sure is a beautiful feeling to have your parents participate in celebrating your important milestones. Applying for a visa for your visiting parents may seem like a daunting task. However, you can follow these simple steps to complete the application process of their visa.

Step 1: Employment letter

You need to get an employment letter indicating your salary and other important details from your place of work. This is required for you to show that you have the financial resources to support their stay and other expenses in the US. If you are a student wanting to invite your parents for your graduation ceremony, you need to submit documents, such as copy of your F1 visa, I-94 and the graduation invitation letter.

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Step 2: Get a copy your parent’s passport

You might need the details of your parents’ valid passports for obtaining an employment letter or graduation invitation letter from your university. So, get a scanned copy of their passports and in fill accurate details.

Step 3: Scheduling a visa appointment

You need to take an appointment from US embassy in your home country, which your parents will need to visit for an interview. Before this, you need to fill the DS-160 Form with the correct details. You can also the form online, with the option to fill it in your language of choice, which would make it more convenient for your parents to answer the questions asked by visa officer.

Step 4: Account verification

You will need to apply for an account verification letter at your primary bank. This is a simple letter, stating details like when your account was opened and your bank statements. It is best to apply for this in advance, since it might take longer than anticipated.

Step 6: Invitation letter

Make sure to send an invitation letter to your parents, inviting them to stay with you in the US. This is a simple letter stating your intention to invite them and their intention to visit the US. It acts as legal support for their travel.

Step 7: Cover letter from the visa officer

It is often advised to include a cover letter, with all the other required documents. This helps you keep track of documents you are sending to the visa officer and helps the officer to see whether anything is missing. This will be useful in getting quick clearance from the visa officer. Other additional documents that you may choose to keep include bank statements of your parents, employment or pension letters, tax returns, etc.

While you are planning a list of destinations to visit with your parents, make you don’t forget to buy them health insurance. Having your parents visit you in the US is an amazing experience, so make sure they are protected against any unnecessary stress and have financial support for any medical emergencies that may arise during their visit.

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