Tourist Visa Rejected? Here’s How to Reapply

An article on Al Jazeera reveals that the United States rejects almost 4 million visa applications every year due to a number of reasons. Strict immigration laws mean that applicants can face disappointment even due to minor errors.

In case you or anyone you know has recently been rejected a tourist visa, here’s something you should know. The consular officer will inform you regarding the visa rejection through a Refusal Letter. This will contain the exact reason for the denial, and you should first understand the reason properly.

There are various sections of the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) that apply to the tourist visa. Here are the most common ones to help you get started with the reapplication process.

Rejection Under Section 221(g)

This means your application lacked some documents or needs further administrative processing. Subsequently, you will receive a 221(g) slip, which will explain the actions to be taken. The USICS will give you a one-year submission window to furnish any missing documents. In case you are unable to do so, the application will be suspended, and you’ll have to start afresh.

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Rejection Under Section 214(b)

Visa applicants who are unable to prove the following to the consular officer are denied the tourist visa under Section 214(b):

  • That your trip is of a temporary nature and is focused on leisure or getting medical treatment
  • You possess adequate funds to bear all the expenses during your stay in the US.
  • There are economic and social responsibilities that will make you return to your home country when the visa expires.

Other Reasons for Rejection

If you have overstayed in the US during any of your previous trips, have a history of criminal convictions or drug abuse, these can also be factors for visa rejection. Apart from this, any kind of misrepresentation or attempt to commit fraud is taken as a serious offence.

How to Resolve 221(g)?

In this case, there is no need to reapply. Just make sure you follow the given steps to submit the missing documents.

  1. Get a printout of the Document Submission Letter and complete the checklist.
  2. Visit the nearest document pickup location and carry the 221(g) submission slip, 221(g) letter and the documents that are missing from your application.
  3. Submit the 221(g) submission slip and the documents at the CGI office. 

The CGI will deliver your documents to the relevant Consulate or Embassy.

Reapplication After Rejection Under 214(b)

Since you couldn’t overcome the presumption of the USCIS about being an “intending immigrant,” you will need to go through the entire visa application process once again.

Fill the DS-160 Electronic Visa Application Form and pay the $160 application fee, just like you did the last time. After this, schedule two appointments, one for fingerprinting at the Visa Application Center (VAC) and another for your visa interview at the consulate or embassy.

In your visa interview, you will need to clearly specify that there have been some significant changes in your circumstances since the last time you applied for the visa. For example, if you were considered ineligible due to lack of adequate funds, provide substantial proof of your financial stability this time.

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