5 Common Reasons for US Visit Visa Rejection

B-1/B-2 is a very popular visa type issued to visitors wanting to visit the United States on business (B-1), or for tourism/vacation (B-2) or a combination of the two. The popularity of America as a tourist destination can be gauged by the fact that in 2016, the US issued 6,965,466 B-1, B-2 and B-1/B-2 combo visas, according to CNN.

The bad news is that getting a US visit visa isn’t as simple as it used to be just a few years ago. The Trump Administration has implemented extreme vetting procedures to weed out illegal immigrants, terrorists and those visiting America for unlawful purposes.

The stringent eligibility criteria mean that you need to be careful while filling the visa application form and answering the visa interview questions. Make sure you provide complete, accurate and honest information at all times.

Here’s a look at the most common reasons why your USA visit visa might be rejected.

Reason #1: Applied for the Wrong Visa

Visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa for travelers interested in entering the US either for business (visa category B-1) or for tourism (visa category B-2). You can also apply for a combination of B-1/B-2. However, if in the application form, you have applied for a visa type that doesn’t match your intent of travel, the application is likely to get rejected.

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Reason #2: Insufficient or Incorrect Information

The State Department requires applicants to fill Form DS-160, the online non-immigrant visa application form and electronically submit it. Once you have submitted the form, the information in Form DS-160 cannot be changed or amended. It, therefore, becomes necessary to fill only accurate details to avoid visa rejection. Also, you will need to provide documentary evidence, so ensure that the information you fill matches the documentary proof, such as address, date of birth, bank account information, etc.

Reason #3: Not Fully Prepared for the Interview

Having a casual attitude towards the visa interview only makes your application look weak. Moreover, not bringing all the required documents to the appointment can cause a further delay in your case. The key to success in the visa interview is to know that the consular officer only wants to establish your intent of visiting America and that your information is accurate. So, be confident and honest.

Reason #4: Over-Confidence Before the Consular Officer

Some applicants, in an attempt to appear confident, end up seeming overconfident and even disrespectful of the interviewer. There are even some cases where the applicants ends up in an argument with the official. The key to succeed in the US visa interview is to be well-dressed in formal clothing, follow basic etiquette and provide only true information with courtesy.

Reason #5: Poor Communication

The US visa interview is not a nightmare, it is just a simple face to face interaction, where the consular officer checks you for all the information provided, especially related to your personal details and purpose of visit. There are chances that out of anxiety or nervousness, you may have given unnecessary information that may have ruined your chances of getting into the US. Even if the information was correct, you might not have been able to communicate it well.

What to Do Next?

If your visa application has been rejected under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), you are always free to reapply. However, their selection criteria will become even more stringent for you this time around, since you will be seen as someone who is already ineligible. So, take care of above mentioned points to avoid visa rejection the first time around.

If you have been rejected at one consulate, do not commit the mistake of applying for a visa at another consulate. They will only ask you to reapply at your consulate because they will already have all your data with them.

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