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What is the Process to Follow After You Land in USA on a Visit Visa?

In 2017, more than 40 million people visited the United States. Due to the temporary ban imposed by the Trump administration, this figure was 4% lower than the same period in the previous year. However, no matter what the circumstances are, the idea of traveling to the US dream is unlikely to lose its charm.

Most articles you read lately will tell you about the process to follow to enter the US. However, it is equally important that visitors know what they should do once they have arrived.

Before Landing

On the flight, a 6059B-Custom form is given to travelers by the flight attendants. Use the time on the flight in fill in this form. You will need to submit it during the immigration process on landing. Fill the form in capital letters. It is always advisable to ask in case of any doubt, so that you don’t end up filling in any incorrect information.

In case you have had to switch several flights to reach America, passing through one or more countries, you will be required to mention the last flight’s number that brought you into the United States.

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After Landing

After landing in the US, collect all your belongings and the carry on bags. Match your watch’s time with the current time in the US.

When you visit US as an immigrant or with a nonimmigrant visa, the Customs and Border Protection or CBP officer will inspect your passport and documents. The CBP officers are the in charge of the immigration, customs and agriculture inspection process. Keep all your visa documents sealed in an unopened envelope and hand them over to the officer.

Security is the first priority of these highly trained officers. They would want to make sure that you are entering the country through a legal route. They would ask you some questions to verify the information provided by you in the visa application.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

Common Questions Asked by CBP Officials

  • What is the reason for your visit to the United States?
  • Who are you visiting?
  • Where you will be staying?
  • How long will you be staying in the US?

The question-answer round will be followed by a luggage check. CBP officers will check your bags, suitcases and other personal belongings to ensure you are not bringing anything illegal or harmful into the country. Any kind of questionable or illegal items, including certain drugs, fruits, spices, plants, porn, etc., are not allowed into the US.

A visitor visa is allotted for a short visit to the US. The officers will also check your luggage to make sure you are not intending to stay longer than the approved period. In case you have any health issues, you’ll be sent for a separate screening to the Public Health Officer.

After you have cleared immigration and customs, move out of the airport. In case you need to make calls, buy a prepaid SIM. Set the address where you have to go on Google Maps for navigation. You can book a cab through a mobile app.

If you are visiting the US on an H1B visa, it is advisable to apply for an social security number as soon as possible.

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