List of Sponsor Documents Required for US Visit Visa

The B1 or B2 visitor visas are issued to those who wish to visit the US temporarily for business, leisure or medical treatment. Generally, the B1 visa category is meant for individuals visiting America for business conferences, meetings or attending educational or scientific conventions. On the other hand, the B2 visa is meant for those visiting the US for tourism, visiting relatives or for medical treatment.

Applying for a US visitor visa is a simple online process, followed by a visa interview. You simply need to fill Form DS-160, pay the visa fee, schedule an appointment at Visa Application Centre and one at the US embassy and then appear for your visa interview. You can check the details about the visitor visa application process on this website.

In order to get your visitor visa, you need to show that your qualify the criteria set by the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), by submitting:

  • A valid passport and a passport size photograph.
  • Confirmation page of Form DS-160 and your visa fee receipt.
  • The purpose of the trip.
  • Evidence to prove that the applicant is visiting the US temporarily and intends to return to their home country before the visa expires.
  • Financial documents to prove that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover their expenses in the US.
  • Character and medical certificates from the concerned authorities.

Individuals with a US visitor visa must remember that they cannot apply for a part-time or full-time job in America or enrol for an educational program. With a visitor visa, you can stay in the US for a maximum of 6 months.

Sponsor Documents Required for US Visit Visa

If you are visiting the US to will be visiting or staying with relatives or friends, you need a to submit some mandatory documents for your visa to be approved. These documents include:

  • Affidavit of Support Form, Form I-134. If you want to know how to fill this form, you can check this site.
  • A letter of invitation, addressed to the visa applicant.
  • A letter to the US Consulate requesting that a visitor visa be issued to the individual being sponsored.
  • Financial documents, such as bank statements, income tax return forms and copy of recent pay slips from the sponsor, showing that they have sufficient funds to sponsor your visit to the US.
  • Documents showing the sponsor’s residency status in the US, such as passport, employment letter, visa copies, green card or certificate of citizenship.
  • Copy of your passport.

If you are the sponsor, sponsoring your parents’ trip to the US, you will need to submit your birth certificate or an affidavit for the birth certificate as well.

The sponsor needs to send the above-mentioned documents to the visa applicant, so that they can be carries to the visa interview at the US embassy or consulate. If you are sponsoring multiple people, for instance, your parents and siblings, you don’t need to send the forms and documents separately. Make sure you provide sufficient evidence that you can support the stay of all the applicants in the US. There is no set limit for minimum balance that you need to have in your bank account. The more, the better.

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