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Atlas America Travel Insurance Review

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2018)

Normal delivery of a baby in USA can cost you about $10,808, which is twice as costly as Australia, says an article by Vox. It is an undeniable fact that America is one of the most expensive countries for medical facilities. So, are you sure you have sufficient funds to cover any sort of medical emergency while you are travelling to the US? Even if you do, it is best to secure your finances and yourself with a good travel insurance plan, such as Atlas America Insurance.

Atlas America is travel insurance that provides numerous benefits to individuals and their families traveling outside their homeland. It provides various beneficial plans, such as Atlas America Insurance, Atlas Travel Insurance, Student Secure Insurance, Group Travel Insurance, Multi-trip Insurance, Visitor Secure Insurance and many more. The plan provides 100% up to the policy maximum for insured sickness after the deductible and within the PPO network, says

Atlas America Insurance Benefits

Other than medical coverage, Atlas America Insurance also provides emergency services to foreign visitors travelling to America. This insurance plan also provides set coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. It offers coverage from 5 days to 364 days. The policy is both renewable and cancellable. However, it is important to note that this policy is not available for residents of some countries, such as Iran, Cuba and North Korea.

There are various amazing benefits provided to the insured individual, such as best medical facilities at affordable prices in a foreign land, 100% cover after deductibles, wide PPO network, one-time deductible during policy period and many more. The plan comes with high flexibility and you can easily extend and renew the policy online.

Don't forget to get Travel & Medical Insurance

It’s a great idea to get Travel/Medical insurance when traveling to USA. As medical cost (even for the common cold) can run into hundreds of dollars in the US, it is recommended that you get good medical insurance, before your trip. Good thing is that if you buy it online before your trip, it may be cheaper. Compare & find a good plan here.

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Limitations of the Policy

For an individual aged 70-79 years, coverage up to $250,000 is available. However, there are also some limitations to this travel insurance policy. For an individual aged 89+, the policy maximum is low. If you are not hospitalized for a sickness at the right time, the Emergency Room deductible is applied for inpatient expenses. The treatment needs to be done within 24 hours.

While the policy provides 100% of the policy maximum, after deductible, there are also exclusions in the plan. Preventive care, such as immunization, injuries from extreme or hazardous activities, treatment for mental disorders, pregnancy and maternity care are excluded from the policy coverage.

Some clients of this insurance policy have expressed that they had a good experience with the insurance company. One such case was when a client’s mother visited USA for 2 months. During her stay in the US, she was diagnosed with kidney stones. She was taken to the ER and stabilized with pain killers. A CT scan was performed and then her stone situation was discovered. The next day, her stones passed and she didn’t have to go through a surgery.

However, the cost of the 5-hour stay in the ER, CT scans, some urine and blood tests amounted to $10,000. With manual claims and a letter explaining the situation, Atlas America Insurance covered their share of the expenses.

Don't Forget to get Medical Insurance when Traveling to USA

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Atlas America Insurance Review
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Atlas America is undoubtedly one of the most popular plans with visitors to USA, and rightly so.

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