Best Countries to Move to from USA

In this article, we’ll look at which are the best countries to move to from the USA. Read on…

US passport is the world’s 7th most powerful in the world. This comes with several privileges. One such is to be able to travel to most countries in the world without a visa.

Moving from USA to another country is quite a possibility and comparatively an easier thing for US citizens.

Moving to a new nation is not as simple as it seems though. For starters, you need to know whether you need a visa to visit a nation, and if so, how much money you need to acquire one.

Some countries will need you to get a visa before travel, some countries will give you visa on arrival and some countries welcome you without a visa.

So, if you’re a US citizen, the options to move to another country are plenty. Here are nine countries you can move to from the United States (processes below).


If you’re a US citizen, you may simply relocate to Australia on a working vacation visa. Because the other visa is an agreement between Australia and other nations, you must apply for the working holiday visa 462.

This visa allows you to remain in Australia for one year and work in certain sectors. If you wish to return, you may apply for a second and third year working holiday visa. A working vacation visa does not allow you to live permanently in Australia; you must hold a work or family visa.

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You may remain up to six months in Canada without a visa or an eTA if you have a valid US passport. The quickest path obtaining permanent residency in Canada is via Express Entry. This is a highly skilled immigration scheme that can help three important Canadian economic sectors. To receive a visa via the rapid entry programme, you must get enough points, and the more points you get, the better.

After that, you must have been a permanent resident for three years or more precisely for 1095 days for five years before applying for citizenship. Learn how to migrate from USA to Canada.


Moving to Ecuador has many benefits for US citizens, including the low cost of living, the proximity to the US, and the wide use of the English language and dollar. Another attractive prospect to move to Ecuador without a doubt is the amazing weather. For US citizens, there are two simple ways to move to Ecuador.

First, only passport holders may enter Ecuador visa-free for 90 days. Afterward, if you want to move permanently to Ecuador you must have been living there for 21 months under a temporary visa.

The investor and retirement visas are the most prevalent temporary visas for foreigners. For the investor visa, you can usually qualify by purchasing real estate or investing your money in a bank CD, while for the retirement visa you must prove that you have a fixed monthly income either from your pension or personal savings.


Getting to Svalbard from the US is simple since you don’t need a visa to visit, work, or reside there. Before moving to Svalbard, you must show that you can financially support yourself, live alone, and have employment and housing secured.

Svalbard is one of the most populated locations in the north, although it has challenging terrain, freezing weather, and polar bears outnumber humans. Moving to Svalbard is simple, but living there is not.


Mexico appears to be the #1 choice for Americans looking to relocate. The US State Department estimated that 1 million Americans lived in Mexico in 2019. There are many reasons why expats choose Mexico, but four stand out: cheap cost of living, good weather, reasonable healthcare for expats, and better work-life balance.

Individual monthly costs in Mexico are normally about $780-900, which is much less than the average expenses in America, approximately $2,000-2,500. (the average expenses vary depending on where you live). Mexico’s wonderful weather and shorter working hours make it suitable for a more leisurely lifestyle.

To relocate, you must first visit Mexico for 180 days. Then you may apply for a 4-year temporary residency visa. Then, if you wish to live permanently in Mexico, you may apply for permanent residence. You may be eligible for citizenship if you resided in Mexico for 5 years.


Portugal seems to be a favourite destination for Americans, owing to the beautiful temperature and the Golden visa system. After 5 years of holding a Golden visa and spending at least 35 days in Portugal, you may apply for Portuguese citizenship.

The most typical method to get a Golden visa for Portugal is via real estate. Usually, you must buy a $500,000 home. But not in Lisbon, Porto, or the Algarve.

Also, Portugal provides a terrific retirement plan for individuals who wish to rest on the beach and experience Portuguese culture. Keep in mind that to get a retirement visa, you have to have a steady income from your pensions, or savings.


This is another popular country for US citizens, mainly because of the climate, and because similarly to Portugal, it has a Golden visa scheme. For Malta’s Golden scheme you may either invest your money in government bonds, invest in a non-refundable government contribution, or purchase property for €320,000 or $375,637.

With a Golden visa, you will gain permanent residency and you can live and work in Malta as you wish, and after five years you can apply for citizenship and get a Maltese passport. Since Malta is in the EU and a part of the Schengen Area, you can visit the Schengen countries and the EU countries visa-free.


Spain is one of the easiest European countries to move to as a US citizen. Since you are from an English-speaking country you can easily get a temporary visa via the North American Language and Cultural Assistant program. You get to teach English in schools and work around 12 to 16 hours a week, and you receive a monthly stipend. You can continue to stay in the country with this visa or find work and apply for another long-term visa.

However, if you have enough money you can easily get a two-year residence permit via Spain’s Golden visa program. Afterward, you can renew your permit every two years, and then if you live for 5 years continuously in Spain you can apply for permanent residency.

South Korea

Similar to Spain, you can move to South Korea by teaching English. Usually, the main requirement is that you have at least a bachelor’s degree, but depending on where you work other requirements may be established.

Living in South Korea might be an unforgettable experience. You will get to experience an entirely new culture, visit some of the most famous historical places, try some amazing Korean food, and make new friends.

Keep in mind that you can stay up to one year with this visa, and if you want to stay longer you will need to apply for another long-term visa.

What countries are better to live in than the US?

You may be surprised to know that there are many countries in the world that have better living conditions than in the USA. Here are some of the countries that are better to live in than the US.

  • Canada. #1 in Quality of Life Rankings.
  • Denmark. #2 in Quality of Life Rankings.
  • Sweden. #3 in Quality of Life Rankings.
  • Norway. #4 in Quality of Life Rankings.
  • Switzerland. #5 in Quality of Life Rankings.
  • Australia. #6 in Quality of Life Rankings.
  • Netherlands. #7 in Quality of Life Rankings.
  • Finland. #8 in Quality of Life Rankings.

Source – US News

What foreign country has the most US citizens living there?

Mexico is a popular destination for Americans owing to its closeness and temperature. In reality, Mexico has the most American expats per capita, with 1.5 million permanent residents.

What is the easiest country to immigrate to?

For those who want to immigrate to an English-speaking country and prize comfort and safety above all else, then Canada might be the right place. The country is amongst one of the most immigration-friendly nations in the world. Next comes Australia.

Leaving the United States permanently

If you want to leave the US permanently and immigrate to another country, the process is simple.
Make sure you have your personal ID and documents like passport, ID card, bank transaction receipts of last few years, business details if available ready. Catch a flight and fly into one of the countries on the above list.

Move to another country from USA – Things to do

  • Save up money. Keep records of banking transactions/income etc.
  • Keep ID and documents ready – Passport, ID card etc.
  • Learn about the country and culture.
  • Apply for visa if required.
  • Find a place for accomodation (check online AirBnB type of websites.)
  • Contact the nearest US embassy and enquire details.
  • Plan your travel.
  • Move!


Moving to another country from the USA is easy. But it does come with some preparation and documentation. Planning ahead is always a good idea. All the best!

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