Top Interview Questions for US Visit Visa at US Consulate Chennai

Foreign nationals wanting to visit the United States for the purposes of tourism or to seek medical treatment need to apply for a visit visa. This is a non-immigrant visa, popularly known as the B2 visa or visitor visa. You can apply for this visa by filling up Form DS-160 online and then appearing for the visa interview at the nearest US embassy or consulate in your country.

In India, apart from the US embassy in New Delhi, there are consulates in several cities, with the one in Chennai being among the top visa adjudication centers in the world. However, the requirement for a v is a interview is applicable only to the individuals between the ages of 14 and 79.

Here’s a look at the most common questions asked during the visit visa interview at the US consulate in Chennai.

Why do you want to travel to US?

The key is to be honest and confident. Tell them about the places that you plan to visit and what you wish to see during the trip. They only want to judge your sincerity and that you do not wish to overstay your visa in the US.

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Why have you chosen only this time to visit?

Again, the key is to be honest. If you are visiting in May because your children have summer holidays or if there is an event that you wish to attend, such as a wedding of a family member, mention it.

How long will you stay in US?

Make sure you let them know that you will return to India before your visa expires. So, first check the duration your visa is valid for and answer accordingly. Of course, make sure you do return as you promise.

Who is going to sponsor your visit?

If you are going to be staying with a relative, they would have provided an invitation letter and required documentation, which you would have submitted with your visa application. Make sure you remember their details and mention them accurately. If you will be staying at a hotel, you could show hotel bookings or mention which hotel you will be booking your stay with.

Where will you stay in the US?

Here too, if you are staying with a relative, remember their address in the US and mention it accurately. If you will be staying at a hotel, mention the address of the hotel.

How will you pay for your expenses during your trip?

It might be useful to either bring bank statements of the person you will be living with or your own bank statements for the past 3 months to show that you will be able to finance your stay and travel in the US and will not become a burden on the country due to lack of finances.

Do you have relatives in the US?

Say Yes or No. If Yes, give information about who they are and what’s their relationship with you. Example: “Yes, my son is in California.”

Give information about others only if asked.

What does your son/daughter do in the US?

This might be an addition to the earlier question asked to parents visiting USA. It’s recommended that you memorize your son/daughters professional details like where they work and as what.

How much money does your son/daughter earn?

This question, might be asked to parents. It is recommended that you memorize your son/daughters professional details like how much they earn, where do they work, what is their position etc.

Why are these questions being asked?

The consular officer only wishes to ascertain that you are genuinely going for a holiday and intend to return to your home country. So, answer confidently and give them all the details they require, and there shouldn’t be any problem with the interview.

Keep in mind that this is not an exam where you have to answer with all the right questions. The officers are looking for your intent and ascertain the risk involved in letting you go to the USA. If you answer the questions honestly, it makes it easier for them to give a yes or no.

Couple of things you should never do at the interview though.

Things not to do at US Visa Interview

  • Never hide facts or lie.
  • Explain things in detail only if asked.
  • Never try to impress the officer.
  • Don’t get emotional. The officer is doing his job. Let him.
  • Answer clearly and concisely for what is asked.
  • Do not ask questions back to the officer unless he/she gives you an opportunity.
  • Be calm and composed and not agitated.

All the best!

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