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Can I Visit UK with US Visit Visa

A passport that has a US visa on it always predisposes the officials of the next country to view your visa application positively. This is because the process of obtaining a US B1/B2 visa entails rigorous screening.

So, when you apply for a UK tourist visa, they know that you were appraised and found eligible for a US visa.

This is likely to improve your chances with the UK visa but it doesn’t guarantee that you will get it. So, make sure you carefully follow the process, as diligently as you did when you were seeking the US visa.

If you’re traveling in 2021, I recommend checking out the updated travel rules for USA.

Applying for UK Tourist Visa

  • You should fill in the form and answers preferably in English.
  • After filing the form, submit the visa fee online by checking the current rate and take a print out of the form and fee receipt.
  • You can book an appointment at any visa application center for the visa interview.
  • On the day of the interview, remember to reach at least 15 minutes early. You should remember to bring along all your passports, the application letter and supporting documents.
  • You should make the travel arrangements only after receiving the visa. Usually, a tourist visa for the UK takes 15 days from the date of the interview.
  • At the visa application center, you get to choose the medium of delivery of your visa. You can either collect the visa in person by visiting the application center or by post.
  • After you have dealt with the application part, the biometric collection is an important step for acquiring a visa. Your fingerprints and a clearly recognizable photograph will be required. So, be prepared to visit the center for this.

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments.

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