Your Travel Guide to USA is your helpful resource about US immigration and travel. If you want to study, migrate, or visit the USA and want help planning your trip, we can help.

How to Apply for US Visa

Step 1 – Figure out which type of US visa you need.

Step 2 – Find out the nearest US embassy near you.

Step 3 – Get to know visa application procedure.

Step 4Apply for DS160 online.

Step 5 – Schedule appointment for visa interview.

Step 6 – Pay US visa fees online.

Step 7Attend the interview.

How to Plan US Travel

Step 1 – First, find out when is the best time to visit USA

Step 2 – Figure out the best places to visit in USA.

Step 3 – Learn about activities not allowed during the US visit.

Step 4 Apply for a visit visa.

Step 5 – Buy the best travel insurance for USA.

Tips for Parents Visiting USA

Step 1 – Learn about the process of inviting parents to visit USA.

Step 2 Tips for parents visiting the US.

(Here’s MK’s amazing article on US Visit.)

Step 3 – Read our recommendations on the best places to visit for parents visiting the USA, the best SIM cards for parents visiting the USA, and the best medical insurance for parents visiting the USA.

Most Popular Questions on US Travel

Here are the most asked questions about US travel and their answers.

What visa do you need to visit the USA?

Provided you have a valid passport, you need a visit visa (B1/B2) to visit US. Here are the steps to apply for a US visit visa.

How long does it take to get a US visit visa?

From the day of application, it takes usually 3-4 weeks to get the visa stamped. US Visit visa application process.

How long can you visit US?

Typically, you are allowed to stay in the US for a maximum of 6 months from the day of arrival.

What happens if you overstay your visa in USA?

If you overstay your allowed visa time in USA, your stay becomes illegal. Here’s what you need to do if you overstayed on a visit visa.

How much does it cost to get a tourist visa to USA?

Visit Visa application only costs about $160 but you might incur other costs like travel and accommodation costs. Here’s how you can plan your US trip.

What are the documents needed to apply for US visa?

It depends on your case and situation as to which documents are required at the time of interview. Here’s a list of supporting documents required for visit visa. Here’s a list of sponsor documents required.

How much money do I need for visiting US on tourist visa?

This depends on where you’re visiting, what you’re doing, how you’re flying etc but $6,000 per person is a recommended minimum. Here’s more info.

What activities are allowed on a US visit visa?

Being on a visit visa, you are limited to do certain activities only. Here’s a list of allowed activities on US visit visa. Also, here’s a list of activities not allowed on visit visa.

What questions do they ask in US visit visa interview?

During the visit visa interview at your consulate, officers will ask you many questions to evaluate your intent and purpose of visit. Here are some of the most popular interview questions for visit visa.

What happens after visit visa interview?

After the interview comes a nail-biting waiting time. Here’s what you should do after the visit visa interview.