Top H4 Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Applying for an H4 visa to the US? Here are the top H4 visa interview questions and answers asked at US consulates in India. Prepare for the visa interview.

What you should know about the H4 visa before the interview

In order to accompany or rejoin with the primary visa holder, a dependent family member (H-4 visa) must go to the United States. A dependent family member is a spouse or a minor kid. The H4 visa allows a dependent to go to the USA.

The new law on the cards proposes to end the work authorization of dependent spouses holding H4 visas. Upon implementation, this law would affect thousands of spouses of H-1B visa holders, 90% of whom are Indians.

However, this is only a proposal for now. So, for now, you are free to apply for a US H4 visa, if your spouse or a parent is working and living in the US on an H-1B visa, a non-immigrant work visa issued for temporary foreign workers in the US.

If you have filed an application at the US Embassy in your country, you should be aware of the questions you’ll be asked at the H4 visa interview. For this, I have compiled a list of questions from the experiences shared by people over the years.

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Although individual cases will differ, the common approach of the consulate officers remains the same. They are interested in knowing about you while verifying your relationship with the H-1B visa holder.

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H4 Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Here are the most common H4 visa interview questions and the answers.

What type/kind of visa are you applying for?

Answer: H4 Visa.

Who filed the visa application?

Answer: Answer honestly who filed the visa application.

Where was the visa application filed, the US or India?

Answer: Answer honestly. Ex: It was filed in India.

Who scheduled the visa interview?

Answer: Answer honestly. It was scheduled by myself.

How did you manage all the documents for the interview?

Answer: I procured them myself (or whatever is the honest answer).

Why do you want to go to the US?

Answer: I want to join my spouse who is working in the US.

When did your husband/wife or parent receive their H-1B visa?

Answer: Answer accurately based on the visa details.

Why are you not accompanied by your husband/wife/parent to this interview?

(In case, the H-1B visa holder does not accompany you to the interview.)
Answer: He/she is already in the US and I’m applying to join/visit him/her. (or whatever else is the honest answer)

What took you so long to apply for an H4 visa while your spouse/parent has been working in the US for so many years?

Answer: I had other commitments to fulfill during this time and wasn’t ready yet. (Or whatever is the honest answer)

Why was your visa application rejected earlier? (In case the application has been rejected previously.)

Answer: It was rejected because of (give reason). Or I do not know the reason for rejection.

Questions about you

The visa officer might also ask you questions about yourself during an H4 interview. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about yourself asked during an H4 visa interview.

Where do you stay at present?

Answer: I stay currently at (give your address).

Who are you staying with?

Answer: I currently stay with my mom (or whatever is the honest answer).

How will you manage your expenses for travel to the US? Name the sponsor.

Answer: My trip is sponsored by my spouse and we have a budget of XYZ dollars.

Where will you stay in the US?

I will be staying with my spouse at (give address)

Do you have any friends or relatives staying in the US other than your spouse?

Yes, I do have a few friends/relatives in the US. (Give their specifics like address only if asked.)

Relationship with the H1B visa holder

Officers might include questions about your relationship as part of the H4 visa interview questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

When and where did you get married to (H1-B visa holder’s name)?

Answer: I am married to my spouse since (month, year or date).

Was your marriage love or arranged?

Answer: My marriage was arranged (or love) marriage.

How did both of you meet for the first time?

Answer: Give an honest answer.

Have you got your marriage registered? Can you show us the marriage registration certificate?

Answer: Give a straight forward answer. Present the certificate.

Have you brought some of your wedding photographs?

Yes. Show your marriage photos.

Lastly, the interviewer might also ask questions related to your spouse, such as their date of birth, highest educational degree, name of the university from where they graduated, the company they work for, sponsor of their H-1B visa, location of their company, name of their employer and details of their clients.

That’s a lot of questions, I agree. The best way to get through the interview for the H4 visa is to answer all questions clearly and confidently. Make sure you keep a copy of all the necessary documents handy.

How to answer H4 interview questions – Tips

  • Answer confidently. Avoid stamerring.
  • Do not give additional answers without being asked.
  • Give straightforward, short answers.
  • When asked for photographs/certificates, give only the ones requested.
  • Try to file your documents in a way that it is easy to find what you’ree looking for.
  • Do not fumble when asked for documents. Label them well and keep them organized.
  • Do not answer dishonestly or with the intent of decieving the officer.
  • Answer honestly and do nont hide facts.
  • Make sure you have all the H4 visa documents ready.

Why is the H4 Visa interview held?

The H4 Visa interview analyses the foundations and authenticity of your marriage. While you will need to submit proof of marriage when applying for a visa, the validity of that proof will be established by how you conduct yourself during the interview.

What officers look for in H4 Visa interview

H4 Visa interviewers are trained officers who are able to make the right decision about a candidate.

They don’t usually rely 100% on your answers but can make out whether you are the right candidate based on your body language and context.

So don’t treat the interview like a question and answer exam. It is more about figuring out whether you are eligible for the visa or not.

And officers look for all kinds of clues in your answers and body language and make the right decison.

H4 Interview Questions & Answers : Summary

Interviews arestressful, whether it is your first or not. An H4 visa interview adds to the tension since it determines whether you may stay with your spouse.

You don’t have to memorise the questions, but knowing what to anticipate might help. Answer honestly and only for waht you’re asked. Don’t try to convince or influence the interviewer in any way.

All the best with your H4 Visa interview!

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  1. Tej

    Hi! Is there any issues in issuing a visa(dependent) if my first name in passport is surname, last name is my name where as my parents first name is their names and last name is surname?

    And all my educational documents n adhar card has just an initial with name where as my name in passport is expanded… Will that cause a problem for my dependent visa processing?

    Please let me know…

    1. Mani Karthik

      Usually not. If your name on passport and the name on your spouses passport (spouse name) is different then it can create problems.

      Disclaimer: I’m not an attorney and the above is not legal advice.

  2. Srishti Pruthi

    Hi, I am having my visa interview next week with my husband. Me and my baby is going on H4 visa basis. Can you help me to know some important interview questions asked from H4 visa person.

    1. Mani Karthik

      The above questions are good enough Srishti. All the best.

  3. harshitha

    My f1 was rejected in 2014 four times after which i went to australia to complete my studies and now planning to apply for h4 visa since am getting married will there be a problem of my visa getting rejected because of prior refusal but my circumstances have been changed.

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