USA Visit Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Indian visitors to most countries are increasing in leaps and bounds each year, particularly in the United States of America. USA generated $251.4 billion from global tourism, of which India contributed $14.7 billion and in 2017, India moved ahead of Australia to become the 10th largest country in terms of visitors traveling to the US, says an article by The Times of India.

The United States, being an incredibly diverse nation, welcomes people from every corner of the world to witness its unique blend of cultures, religions, races, traditions, political and social beliefs, and more.

Application Requirements

If you wish to travel to this beautiful country, you will need to fill the DS-160 Form online to begin the visa application procedure. Once you have submitted the form, take a printout of the confirmation page to submit, along with the other required documents

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Things to Know Before Applying for the Visa

It is important to determine the type of visa you should be applying for. This mainly depends on the purpose of your travel. Two major types of visas are issued:

  1. B1 Business Visa: For the purposes of business meetings, conferences and so on. 
  2. B2 Tourist Visa: For the purposes of tourism, visiting friends and family, medical treatments, etc. 

General Documents Required for US Visitor Visa

Below are the documents required for the US visa application process:

  1. Online Non-Immigrant DS-160 Form:
    The confirmation page, showing you have filled and submitted the form successfully. 
  2. Valid Passport:
    Your passport, with six months validity from the intended date of return from USA. It should have at least one blank page for the visa stamp.
  3. Photograph:
    One colored photograph, taken within the last six months. However, if you have already uploaded a photo with your form, you do not need another one.
  4. Receipt of Paid Visa Fees:
    A non-refundable visa fee of $160 needs to be paid in order to schedule a visa interview.
  5. Travel Itinerary:
    This must include all the places you plan to visit, flight tickets and hotel reservations, address proofs in the US and so on.
  6. Financial Proof:
    Bank statements or cash, showing you can finance your stay in the US. 
  7. Invitation Letter:
    A letter showing you have been invited by friends and/or family members to reside with them during your stay in America.

Keep in mind that English in the official language of the US, so all documents should be in English. If not, they must be translated.

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US Visa Specific Requirements for Indians

A few supporting documents are crucial, depending on the purpose of your visit. 

  1. Medical Treatment:
    Medial reports from doctors in your home country, letters from a US medical institute, stating that they are willing to treat you, and financial proof to show that you are capable of bearing the entire cost of treatment and stay in the US. 
  2. Educational Purposes:
    Proofs of your admission in an US educational institution and the receipt of the SEVIS I-901 fee, along with the normal visa fee receipt. 
  3. Employment Purposes:
    Proofs of all your professional degrees and qualifications, job offer by a US employer and your résumé.

Apart from the above mentioned documents, biometric readings, such as fingerprints, are mandatory for everyone, with a few exceptions.

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